(Pittsburgh, PA) February 6, 2018 – Through the implementation of new-age technology, the future of the educational environment is exponential. In recognition of the true importance technology plays in the K-12 space, ITPS Education division is changing the pro-activeness of the school district IT support system for the better. Mars Area School District has partnered with ITPS, setting major plans in place of revamping their technology department to a complete, 24/7/365 end-to-end support system.

Through this partnership between Mars Area School District and ITPS, a hybrid approach is in place to leverage on and off-site resources with automation technology. Jumping right in at the 1st of February, ITPS supplements former CIO, Chris Leatherow, in as the CTO for Mars to be the engine behind technology in driving strategy. In creating a hybrid scenario, both previously and newly employed onsite resources and remote help desk support are grouped as an ultimate service. Remote help desk support is where the 24/7/365 model comes into play, allowing a stress-free growth towards technology-based curriculum.

“We are happy to be working with the ITPS team and we are confident that they will successfully deliver technology support to the entire district. They have instilled in us a great trust in their business and the individuals with whom we are working. Through their services, all individuals within the district will have the ability to request attention 24/7 from skilled technicians with the drop of a ticket. As we continue toward our mission of creating and sustaining a supportive educational environment, the addition of ITPS will be a critical factor in our ultimate success.”  – Dr. Wes Shipley, Superintendent MASD

Why hide behind closed doors with a concept that can change our futures? ITPS delivers through a proven model that is beneficial to all individuals, districtwide. Whether a student, parent, teacher, or administrator, this model provides the ability to access assistance with their technology anywhere, any time needed. ITPS is set on their lesson in getting to the POINT of technology support!

“We are thrilled to join forces with Mars Area School District in improving the overall technology environment for the current and future successes of the students and faculty. In an ever-evolving industry, we pride ourselves on staying on-top of the latest and greatest in terms of all things IT. By doing so, we remain confident in providing K12 institutions with the technology and support necessary to improve their overall safety, security, curriculum, and lifestyle. Through a 24/7/365 approach, parents, students, and staff are relieved to know that all arising issues when it comes to educational technology are in our hands.” – Justin Jones, Chief Customer Officer, ITPS

About ITPS Education

 “Value and Commitment around Safety, Security, Curriculum and Lifestyle for Students, Teachers, Administration and the Community.” – ITPS Education

ITPS Education is a dedicated division of ITPS, solely focused on providing technology solutions and services specific to the K12 space. Built for education and delivered by a team with vast experience in K12 administration, IT expertise and project management. Our core focus is in providing expert-level technical based consulting to districts with an emphasis on curriculum delivery.

Through a hybrid approach of both onsite and remote IT management support, ITPS Education provides 24x7x365 technology support for students, faculty, and staff. By combining this “Lean IT” approach with K12 focused technology solutions, districts can optimize their IT budget and improve the level of technology delivery at the same time.

About ITPS

Information Technology Procurement Sourcing, LLC (ITPS), headquartered in Wexford, PA with offices across North America is a project based integrator for technology solutions, remote managed services & IT staffing. A formation of multiple established business units who have combined to spend over 35 years providing a seamless IT experience to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Built on our foundation of “Trust, Experience & Teamwork”, ITPS is focused on defining IT requirements & selecting the best Technology Solutions based on use cases & budget for our customers, while driving business value.

The leadership team has over 250+ years of combined experience, with most coming from the C-Level at Fortune 100 companies and K12 Educators, IT and Superintendents. Many years of experience on the customer side, ITPS understands first-hand the importance of customer satisfaction & building long-term relationships.

ITPS family of companies include: ITPS LLC, ITPS Education, LEFCON, BluChip Solutions, Receptio & ITPS Sports.

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