Leveraging Your Experience and Network

One of the most valuable assets professionals develop throughout their careers and personal lives is their Trusted Network.

Access to career choices, marketing and sales channels, promotions, and various other life enhancement opportunities is easy because of your trusted network.

Consider Your Network as an asset, much like your investment or retirement portfolio. But what happens as you exit the work force? While your retirement account remains a vital asset, Your Network becomes a diminishing asset. Now that’s about to change.

Introducing the LYEN by ITPS. The LYEN or Leveraging Your Experience and Network allows you to turn Your Network into a producing asset.Through the LYEN, you will partner with ITPS to introduce our world class services providing IT solutions and services to Your Network and unlock an income stream for yourself.

At ITPS, we realize the value of Your Experience and look forward to developing a lasting partnership. ITPS will provide you with the necessary business and IT resources to help you deliver a successful project.

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