Cyber Security


Through thorough analytical reporting, EdTech Strategies shares that between 2016-2017, the Western PA & Eastern OH areas alone have experienced 6 distinct cyber-attacks at K12 institutions.


Teachers were victim of an email spoofing scam, resulting in their direct deposit compensation being forwarded to an unknown third party.

A middle school student was charged with identity theft and telecommunications harassment. Police said this student sent explicit emails to the school’s guidance counselor, an elementary teacher & assistant principle from another student’s school account. Police said it was believed that the student hacked into the other student’s account.


Police charged a senior student with launching a series of cyber-attacks against more than a dozen local school districts, a local Catholic school, and a local County Government.


One morning, a school district’s Technology Services Department began receiving calls from users that their “files were locked” and they could not access any of their Microsoft Word or Excel documents on the network.


A student faces charges after he allegedly shut down his school’s computer system for hours from home.


An unknown & unauthorized individual accessed a certain category of employee, student, and/or guardian information contained in a limited number of employee email accounts.

Putting this into an overall visual perspective, the K-12 Cyber Incident Map points to a total of over 300 incidents since January of 2016 across the United States!

These occurrences are serious and getting ahead of the game is critical. EvolvED 24/7 enforces the importance of implementing proper technology solutions to establish a secure technological environment district-wide.