Lean IT


The ITPS Lean IT division understands the significant role technology plays in any business. With over 25 years of experience working with small business owners to Fortune 100 hotels and government agencies, all clients hold equal precedence. Each business requires a customized solution in relation to their unique technology needs. Our IT solutions are tailored to each client starting with a careful analyzation of the company’s requirements and goals. By doing so, we can match final results with the proper use of technology, reducing the cost of IT and increasing overall performance. All the while, our team of dedicated professionals are available 24/7 to assist you with each arising technology emergency.


You’ve heard it, time is money!
IT is meant to save you time, not waste it.

Did you know?
Businesses that handle their own IT in-house lose over 97 HOURS every year due to IT downtime. This is time spent trying to make computers just do what they’re supposed to.


So you’re in need of an IT support company to handle the tech problems for you.

Getting you back to FULL CHARGE


Develop an IT strategy that’s focused on the right technology, at the right price, for the right purpose.

Implement good-quality technology early on to save time and frustration down the road without breaking the budget.

Put in the work ahead of time to do proper maintenance.

Stop potential disasters to tighten security, preventing issues from slowing you down or even closing your doors.

Implement solutions that stop problems before they start.

Highly trained and skilled technicians available 24/7 for immediate technology attention.

Come in & check on you before you ever need to call us.

Talk to you about how to use your technology to take your business to the next step.


At ITPS, our Lean IT department refuses to make promises that we can’t keep. Instead, we think smart and put in the work ahead of time. It’s important that we work together as a team, you deserve care from an IT support company that truly understands the value of your time.