Our Approach

What Makes Us Different



Support during Standard School District Operating Hours.

24x7x365 Proactive IT Support & Help Desk with Technology Automation

IT Support Staff Designated = Limited.

IT Support Staff Designated = Unlimited Virtual Access.

Highly Manual Processes around IT Operations.

Proactive use of Automated Software for IT Environment.

Level 1, 2, 3 Incident Response Time = 24 Hours SLA.

Level 1,2,3 Incident Response Time = 2 Hour Maximum SLA.

Limited IT & Business Experience.

CTO Leadership & Collaboration with your School District on Upcoming Technology Initiatives & Ideas.

Reactionary in Nature.

Fixed Budget & Cost Plus Model on IT Hardware & Software Purchases.

Minimal Communication with Administration & School Board.

Quarterly Technology Forum with Administration & School Board.

Undefined Technology Plans.

3-5 Year Technology Plans.

Lack of Transparency around IT Performance Reporting.

Weekly Health & Wellness IT Performance Report.

Lack of Grant & ERATE Assistance.

Grant & ERATE Assistance Included.

Minimal or No Engagement Directly with Students.

ITPS Led, Student Technology Board.